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Artemis Rooms!

Artemis Rooms is located in the northern part of Evia in the famous tourist spot of the Pefki. Modern and recently renovated to offer unique holiday experience hosting visitors in beautiful rooms which have been inspired by the nymphs of mythology.

The family and warm atmosphere of the owners combined with modern service and accommodation, create the ideal conditions for relaxing and unforgettable holidays. All guestrooms at Artemis Rooms, are made with care, combining modern comfort with a friendly atmosphere.

Leto, Daphne, Callisto, Aura, Alcestis, Arethousa  and Amalthia these are the names of the rooms which are ready to welcome and relax you. Each room is decorated uniquely as unique was each of the nymphs.

Come enjoy the natural beauty of our land, in a unique and idyllic environment that constitutes the ideal holiday destination for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation.

  • Room Amalthea

    Room Amalthea Amalthea was the nurse of Zeus in the Ideon Andron, where he had hidden his mother Rhea to escape from his father, Kronos, who ate his…

  • Room Arethousa

    Room Arethousa: Arethousa was a nymph of sources and forests, companion of Artemis and daughter of Nereus. Loved by the river god Alpheus and to avoid him, she…

  • Room Alkistis

    Room Alkistis: Alkistis was the daughter of Pelias and Anexivias. The charming Alkistis loved and married Admetus. The enraged goddess Artemis that Admetus forgot the necessary sacrifices in…

  • Room Aura

    Room Aura: The nymph Aura was one of the companions of the goddess Artemis in the hunt. It was so quick that no animal or bird could reach…

  • Room Callisto

    Room Callisto The nymph Callisto was the daughter of Lycaon and one of the attendants of Artemis in the hunt. She nearly died from the arrows of the…

  • Room Daphne

    Room Daphne Daphne was the daughter of the river and land. Companion of Artemis during the hunt. God Apollo fell in love with her and started chasing her…

  • Room Leto

    Room Leto: Leto was the daughter of the Titans Phoebe and Koios. Jupiter gave birth on the island of Delos, Artemis and Apollo, after the terrible persecution of…